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It is a website implementation for the AdvancedReporter minecraft plugin with which you can manage, create add a new reports via the gui.

Plugin Created by: Nexgan

If your installer is not working please take a look at this.


1. First Step
Unzip the zip file and upload it's contents to your hosting.

2. Second Step
Now open up your browser and go to the gui's url and access the /install folder. (Example: mydomain.com/install) And follow the installation instructions.

3. Third Step
In the last step of the installer you need to specify the plugin's table name and also your website url. If you uploaded the gui in a subfolder you must specify that on the last field (Example: mydomain.com/reporter) and make sure that the advanced reporter's actual table name is identical with the table name specified in the first box of the last step.

Default User:

Username: Demo
Email: [email protected]
Password: demo123
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