Abandoned AdvancedReporter Web GUI [old version] 1.0

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This is the older version of the web GUI for AdvancedReporter.
You find the new version (which contains a new graphics and new features) here.
By MrAnonymousz.

SETUP (Important):
Tutorial video:

- Extract the folder.
- Due to SpigotMC.org limitations, I had to remove an /img folder.
You will need to download it from here, extract it and put it into advancedreporter-web/assets.
This is the download link: http://download846.mediafire.com/do25qyvzvd8g/51vv5804ele76ac/img.rar
The assets folder should look as this: http://prntscr.com/hlaqc2

1. Go into inc/database.php and, in the MYSQL Credentials rectangle, change your credentials.
2. Go into config.php, in the same folder, and in the TABLE NAME rectangle insert the name of the table the plugin is using for the reports.
3. Import your the file "database.sql" into your database (the one you selected before).
* How to do that?
- Login to your MySQL admin page (such as phpMyAdmin)
- Go into the database.
- Go into the "IMPORT" tab.
- Select "database.sql" and press "execute"
NOTE: it would be different, depending on what you're using.
3. Upload the folder into your website. You'll be able to access to the web GUI accessing this folder in your browser. Example: www.yourwebsite.com/advancedreporter-web
4. Access it in the browser and login using the following credentials:
- Email: [email protected]
- Password: demo123
5. You will see the reports and you will be able to manage them as an admin.

How to add your account:

* If you followed the precedent steps, you are logged in as "test" user, so you need to create your personal account.
6. Press in the top right of the page the username, which should be "test", and press "User manager".
7. Insert your credentials. Your Minecraft's username (or you will not be able to properly manage the reports), your email address and your password. On the Admin account part, select "Yes", confirm.
8. Logout using the right top button, and login with the email and the password you put before.
9. Go into the "User manager" tab again, and, in the "test" row, click "Remove". So now only your account will be available.

- Now, you can add your staff's account, as you added yours. Remember to put them as non-admin, or they will be able to manage the other accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Has this web GUI been made by yourself?
No, I only made the Minecraft plugin. This web GUI has been made by MrAnonymusz.

- Can I use this even without MySQL?
No, you can't.

- What can admins do?
They can edit other users' accounts, they can override other users' actions (for example, taking or resolving a report, even if they're not its managers) and they can open again a report (they're the only who can do this).
They have great powers, so keep admis only confidential people or just yourself.

- Does this plugin use a cryptographic system?
Yes, the new web developer added a safe cryptographic system. Anyway, I suggest you to use passwords you never used before.
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