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Jul 4, 2018
Please read this post if you have problems with the webgui. For a long time I wasn't really able to help you but I still won't be able because I don't have a PC and mainly I need to focus on my studies so I don't really would have time even if I had a PC if some of you are wondering why I'm not helping you. So to all of you who use the GUI please be patient and sorry for the inconvenience. You can request help from @Nexgan in the AdvancedReporter's discord server ( I'm really sorry for this but at the moment I'm not able to do anything:(The GUI is put ON-HOLD with my all current projects so it won't receive any updates or bug fixes for the moment being but you can find an answer for common problems on the discord server.

Once more, please be patient I will try to be online again as soon as possible.
Not open for further replies.