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Please do not use any swear, racist, political or discriminating words in your post. You can post only once here so please do not submit a resource multiple times or ask our moderators / administrators to approve your post. If your post meets the conditions it will be approved in the shortest amount of time but if it wasn't after fixing your errors that were specified by the mod who declined it you can repost it. If your post is still under approval for longer then 48 hours you can contact a mod / admin about it. Any spam, duplicated posts and uploads without permission will end up in suspending your account for a week. Also if it is not your server / website what you want to advertise you need to include evidence (it can be a picture, video or an audio file) that you have the permission to post it here.

Example Application:

My Name: MrAnonymusz

Website: (the link must be shown)

Owner: MrAnonymusz (if you are not owning the website/server)

Evidence: (if you are not owning the website/server and the formal permission must include a contact link for the owner/owners)


Description: In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Phasellus vehicula tellus sit amet ante imperdiet, ac consequat ante tempus. Integer non erat leo. Ut ultricies rhoncus tortor, vitae sagittis sem ultricies non. (provide a description of your website/server, here you can provide the announcing text of the server/website)

Contact: (the contacts must contain link and the links must be shown, you need to provide at least one method of contacting you or your server/website)
Additional information: (if you want to provide some additional information about your server/website you can do it here or if you have a giveaway or something post it here not in the description [if you include link they must be shown] )
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